Thursday 18 November 2010


Waldron is the place in East Sussex where my grandmother grew up, and my father had a house for many years. I guess I should mention its where my great-grandparents, my grandmother and my father are buried.

Here is a very rough recording done in the kitchen with the laptops built-in mike.

Waldron by paulfremantle

Its a fairly simple tune. Its too soon after writing it to know how it will turn out. If I've made any transcription mistakes its because its my first slow-ish tune.

Here is the ABC:
DE |: G3 BAG | AGE2 DE | G3 BAG | A4 DE | G3 BAG | AGE2 dB | A3 BAF | G4 :|
Bc |: d3 ged | edB2 Bc | d3 ged | e4 Bc | d3 ged | edG GAB | B3 cAF | G4 :|

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