Friday 20 August 2010

Reencaheragh Strand

I'm on holiday in Kerry, staying on Valentia Island - surfing a lot, playing some music, walking, and generally having a good time. One of our favourite spots is Reencaheragh Strand. I hope you enjoy the tune:

We also had a poetry writing competition. Well not really a competition. Here is the sonnet I discovered Shakespeare had written when he visited St Finan's Bay for a quick surf:

The hard Atlantic Sea doth break
With plunging force and passing cold
And each successive wave doth make
A fresh endeavour for my soul.
The piercing light with greenest flash,
Through glist'ning sea delighteth me,
Preceding just the foamy crash -
My worries cleans'd, my aches do flee.
A glassy board beneath my toes,
Slicing through water cold, fresh, wet,
Ahead sweet calm, behind the throes,
As wave by wave here breaks the set.

So Dude - pop up - and grab that ride:
This is your time - to carve, to glide.

Here followeth the ABC for the tune:
T:Reencaheragh Strand
ABA FDF | dcB AFD | ABA FDF | def e3 |
ABA FDF | dcB AFD | EFG efg | fde d3 :|
fgf gfg | afd efg | fgf gab | afd e3 |
fgf gfg | afd ecA | BGB efg | fde d3 :|

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