Thursday 18 November 2010


Waldron is the place in East Sussex where my grandmother grew up, and my father had a house for many years. I guess I should mention its where my great-grandparents, my grandmother and my father are buried.

Here is a very rough recording done in the kitchen with the laptops built-in mike.

Waldron by paulfremantle

Its a fairly simple tune. Its too soon after writing it to know how it will turn out. If I've made any transcription mistakes its because its my first slow-ish tune.

Here is the ABC:
DE |: G3 BAG | AGE2 DE | G3 BAG | A4 DE | G3 BAG | AGE2 dB | A3 BAF | G4 :|
Bc |: d3 ged | edB2 Bc | d3 ged | e4 Bc | d3 ged | edG GAB | B3 cAF | G4 :|

Friday 20 August 2010

Reencaheragh Strand

I'm on holiday in Kerry, staying on Valentia Island - surfing a lot, playing some music, walking, and generally having a good time. One of our favourite spots is Reencaheragh Strand. I hope you enjoy the tune:

We also had a poetry writing competition. Well not really a competition. Here is the sonnet I discovered Shakespeare had written when he visited St Finan's Bay for a quick surf:

The hard Atlantic Sea doth break
With plunging force and passing cold
And each successive wave doth make
A fresh endeavour for my soul.
The piercing light with greenest flash,
Through glist'ning sea delighteth me,
Preceding just the foamy crash -
My worries cleans'd, my aches do flee.
A glassy board beneath my toes,
Slicing through water cold, fresh, wet,
Ahead sweet calm, behind the throes,
As wave by wave here breaks the set.

So Dude - pop up - and grab that ride:
This is your time - to carve, to glide.

Here followeth the ABC for the tune:
T:Reencaheragh Strand
ABA FDF | dcB AFD | ABA FDF | def e3 |
ABA FDF | dcB AFD | EFG efg | fde d3 :|
fgf gfg | afd efg | fgf gab | afd e3 |
fgf gfg | afd ecA | BGB efg | fde d3 :|

Thursday 17 June 2010

Blessed Margaret Pole

Blessed Margaret Pole by paulfremantle

One of my first tunes (I wrote in 2006). Originally posted here.

Named after,_8th_Countess_of_Salisbury

The ABC is at the Session. Here are the dots:

Wednesday 16 June 2010

The Crab Pool

Inspiration for the name:

Recording coming soon.

T:The Crab Pool
d3/2A/ (3FGA  B3/2A/ | d3/2A/ (3GFE F3/2D/ | d3/2A/ (3 FGA B3/2A/ | d3/2f/ (3edc d2 :|
a3/2g/ (3 fef g3/2f/ | a3/2g/ (3fed e3/2A/ | a3/2g/ (3 fef g3/2f/ | d3/2f/ (3edc d2 :|

Saturday 10 April 2010

Another tune blog!

I was looking up a tune on Folktunefinder this morning and I noticed the site redesign. Firstly, congratulations - it looks great. Secondly I noticed that the good folks there (i.e. Joe) have set it up so that you can blog ABC and it puts a nice page of notation in the blog too. Since it also indexes your tunes, I thought it would be a good place to repost the tunes I've written. Ok maybe this is just duplication, but it only took 10 minutes :-)

So here is my folktunefinder blog.

Monday 15 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

And here is the ABC as usual:

X: 1
T:Mothering Sunday

DFA dAF | GBd gdB | agf efd | cdB AGF |
DFA dAF | GBd gdB | agf efd | Adc d3 :|
Ffe dcB | Ggf edc | Aag fed | cBA GFE |
DFA dAF | GBd gdB | Aag fed | Adc d3 :|

Sunday 28 February 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee

A relaxed hornpipe, ideally played legato and only a bit dotted.


Here is the ABC:
T:Sunday Morning Coffee
FA | BAFA dAFA | fedc BAGF | GEed cBed | cBAG F2 FA |
BAFA dAFA | fedc BAGF | cAed cABc | eddc d2 :|
fg |afdf afdf | agfe dcBA | gece gece | gfed c2 fg |
afdf afdf | agfe d2ef | gege cABc |eddc d2 :|

Saturday 6 February 2010

The Tank

This is an old tune found in various manuscripts, such as John Clare's 1820 and George Spencer's 1831 manuscripts. It was also in the repertoire of the Bosham Band from the Welch family manuscript. I tried playing various versions and ended up doing a bit of editing to combine parts from a couple. Its a simple tune and very catchy. A nice recording by the Gloworms got me onto it.
Here is the ABC for reference.

T:The Tank

Sunday 3 January 2010

The Crinan Puffer

I wrote this tune a couple of years ago while visiting with my brother around the West Coast of Scotland. Well at least I think I wrote this tune. Who knows? Maybe I just remembered it! Crinan is a beautiful spot, the end of the Caledonian Canal, and the Puffers were a set of steam powered boats that took supplies to the Western Isles. Being overhauled at Crinan while we were there was VIC32, one of the last of the puffers still running. This tune came to me as we walked along the canal in the spring sunshine.

The Crinan Puffer by paulfremantle